Herbie van Tetering trumpet player, jazz composer, multi-instrumentalist


Herbie van Tetering

Herbie is a trumpet player, jazz composer, and multi-instrumentalist. His main instrument is trumpet, followed by jazz piano, jazz guitar and compositional techniques. When he was young, he studied jazz at Berklee College of Music and continued studies with renowned jazz players from across the world. His approach is to use a compositional technique, similar to how a painter would paint, towards working in the studio as a trumpet player. He also performs live in American, German and Dutch clubs like Wally's, Connoly's, A-train, Yorckschlösschen, Cologne, B-flat, Murphy's Law, Blue Note, Acud, Edelweiss, Pater and the Dot Club. When he is not practicing, he is writing for his debut Quartet and Trio and recording in his hybrid analog tape studio.