Herbie van Tetering trumpet player, jazz composer, multi-instrumentalist


  • booklet: Trumpet Range Shortcuts
  • 03.08.2017 News
  • My new trumpet method for range is nearing completion. Before publication, I will test the complete method on myself and only publish if I can guarantee it gets the player to play real notes. The method hybridizes and simplifies lead, circular breathing, muscle memory and tone techniques from a number of other methods.
  • New Albums 'The Blue Shadow', 'With and Without'
  • 23.07.2017 News
  • New albums 'The Blue Shadow' and 'With and Without' arriving online soon with lead sheet licenses available for anyone to perform in public. The album 'With and Without' is a modern style jazz Quintet album with Sax, Trumpet, Bass, Electric Piano, Guitar and Drums. The album 'The Blue Shadow' is an explorative jazz album with Trumpet, Guitar, Sax, Bass and Drums.
  • New Album 'Minds Spaces'
  • 23.07.2017 News
  • The album 'Minds Spaces' is a new arriving jazz brass Quartet album with Acoustic Bass and Drums. The album explores spaces which could be found when playing silence around the notes. The album features Herbie van Tetering on Trumpets, Drums and Acoustic Bass. Original compositions of 'Minds Spaces' can be purchased and performed by anyone who owns a license.